Robocorp is an open source platform for RPA developers that makes it easy to power Automation Ops.

Using Python, the perfect platform for combining automation, analytics and AI, you can build, deploy and scale bots when and where you need them.

You own the bots you build.

There are so many repetitive tasks that businesses do that can be done automatically by a bot.  With the successful implementation of automation, your business can save time and money.

Robocorp automations can scale using extensions from the Python libraries and can automate all layers of your tech build.

This means that there are no limits and constraints associated with drag and drop.

No more brittle bots that are difficult to maintain.  Build robots that interact better with the platforms you already use.

What Is RPA Used For?

RPA lets you automate the extraction of specific data to streamline your workflow and business processes.

Robots can do what humans do but without mistakes and without taking coffee breaks.

Robotic Process Automation can replace mundane digital tasks freeing up staff to do more productive work.

These are some of the most common examples of RPA uses:

  • Employee onboarding and offboarding
  • Accounts payable
  • Email queries
  • Call center routing
  • Syncing and validating data
  • Invoice processing

Robocorp lets you automate your existing tech platforms and environments using Python.

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    What is Robocorp and How does it work?

    Robocorp gives you the tools needed to build and deploy robots that are up to 10x more efficient without the usual constraints.

    That is, automation without boundaries.

    Robocorp is an open source RPA platform that lets you build and then scale bots when you need them. 

    Previously RPA tools were UI focused and the bots were brittle and difficult to maintain. 

    This platform allows users to build powerful automations in a single automation toolchain with a fast reliable deployment.  Giving you better interaction with the platforms you already use.

    Robocorp Cloud lets you manage and monitor all your robots whether performing browser or desktop automation or connecting by API.

    You can “unleash” these robots by trigger actions, manually or on a schedule.  The choice is yours.

    Automation makes life easier for businesses.  Robocorp makes life easier for RPA developers.

    Our technology empowers developers to build any automation their business team can think of. 

    Developers get all the tools, resources and documentation needed to build without limits.

    Robocorp is a powerful open source stack for powering automation without boundaries.

    Automatorr is a proud partner of Robocorp and together they can assist you in automating business systems and processes.

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