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Automation without boundaries

Welcome to the ultimate open source platform for RPA developers worldwide.

Robocorp has the tools you need to create bots up to 10 times more efficient than those you are currently using.

Save time, increase resources and boost productivity.

Build, deploy and scale custom bots.

Own the bots you build.

Customize automations on the Python platform.

Scale with extensions from the Python library.

Robocorp cloud is the perfect way to combine automation, analytics and AI, helping your organization execute projects faster and increase productivity.

Successful RPA at your fingertips

Robotic Process Automation allows you to extract specific data, streamlining your workflow and business processes.

By automating a targeted series of mundane digital tasks, your staff can get back to their creative and productive work. Automation also eliminates human error and time lost for breaks, sick leave or holidays.

With Robocorp, you can integrate your existing tech platforms and environments using Python.

Why struggle on with UI-focused bots that are brittle, unreliable and difficult to maintain?

The Python platform enables you to build powerful automations in a single automation toolchain, with fast, dependable deployment. This means more effective interaction with the platforms you already use, and improved productivity for your team.

Benefits of Robocorp:

  • No drag and drop limits or constraints.
  • Browser, desktop or connecting by API.
  • Ability to trigger actions manually or via a schedule.
  • Streamlined employee onboarding and offboarding.
  • Automated accounts payable and invoice processing.
  • Call centre routing and email queries.
  • Sync and validate data.

As a Robocorp partner, Automatorr can show you how this smart RPA platform can transform your business.

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