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Stact Tech with Automatorr – We dealt with a Challenge

Client's Challenge

Being a new innovative industry start up, the MD of Stact Tech – Lee Price, needed his product development to accelerate whilst he focused his efforts on growing his business. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) product development team at Stact Tech needed further advice on enhancing their models. They also had to build ...

Process Mining – What is it?

According to Forrester, 83% of business leaders plan to strengthen their process optimization. Their main reasons are business and process improvement, process automation, digitization, digital transformation, auditing, and compliance. The understanding of our own processes and how they’re performing is often a mirage. So, process mining...

6 Awesome Advantages of RPA and AI for Your Business

Thanks to digitalization, the world now has a generation of consumers who do not have to wait for anything. For businesses, this means streamlining all processes to deliver instant gratification and complete a rich customer experience. But how do savvy companies catch up with the demand? Adopting robotic process automation (RPA) and artifi...

Hyperautomation At A Glance: 5 Key Benefits For Your Business

With the right mix of technologies tailored to meet your business needs, your enterprise can enjoy unmatched advantages in a world where automation has ceased being an option. It has also become a necessity and survival strategy, especially for businesses looking to stay agile and competitive. Hyperautomation combines all sorts of automati...