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Automatorr.com is a marketplace for RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) services plus products associated with automation. 

This website connects Employers with services offered by RPA Developers who are skilled automation and artificial intelligence experts, solution architects and business analysts.

These services are known as jobs.

RPA Developers are able to promote their services choosing their own hourly pay rate or can create pre-priced job packages (All rates in USD). RPA Developers can offer Employers different services at different pay rates.

RPA Developers are also able to purchase products from our trusted partners to help implement their automation.  Please complete the forms on our Partners page for more information

Employers can choose the RPA Developer and the services that suit their particular requirements.

All communication is done directly through the website and you are able to negotiate your own projects and employment terms.

Creating an Account

Creating an account with Automatorr.com is easy.  You will need to choose whether you are an Employer or RPA Developer.

For Employers

Employers can create an account for free.  This will allow you to view job seeker profiles without contact details.

To post jobs, simply login to your Automatorr account and go to the Manage Jobs section and post.

Be sure to add as much information as possible in your job post.  Follow these guidelines to get the best RPA Developers applying for your job…

  • Give your job a title
  • Have a good description of your job requirements, including examples of what needs to be done.
  • Is this a small, once only job or do you need an ongoing or full time appointment?
  • State what you feel is a fair pay rate for the job
  • When does the job need to start and finish?

Employers pay a 5% Automatorr.com service fee on each payment made to the RPA Developer.  Payments to RPA Developers – including milestone payments – are paid upfront using Escrow.com.  Service fees apply on Escrow.com and are split 50/50 with the RPA Developer.

We will review your job post and approve it within 24 – 48 hours. If your requirement is urgent, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact us page. 

Please always act respectfully and professionally towards your RPA Developers.  They are here to help you save time and money by automating your business.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

For RPA Developers

RPA Developers can create a free account with Automatorr.com.  Make sure you complete your profile and verify your identity.  Once your profile is verified you can start applying for jobs.

Please act honestly and professionally with your Employer.  You must only apply for jobs that you have the qualified skills for.

Be sure to include lots of information about your services and skills in your profile.  Our best RPA Developers follow these guidelines to get the best jobs…

  • Your profile should be 100% completed
  • Describe your services in detail, including samples of what you can do. This will avoid miscommunication.
  • Represent your skills honestly and accurately.
  • State whether you want a casual, part time or full time job.
  • Communicate with the Employer to make sure you understand all the job requirements before you agree to the job.

If you meet or exceed your Employer’s expectation you will receive a good rating from them – this will increase your ability to apply for more jobs.

RPA Developers pay an 11% service fee to Automatorr.com on all job payouts.  To protect and hold your job payments we have partnered with Escrow.com.  Upon approval from your Employer, milestone payments and final balances will be paid out from Escrow.com.  Service fees apply on Escrow.com and are split 50/50 with your Employer.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.