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If you’ve deployed robotic process automation in your business, you’re on your journey to optimal business processes, better customer experience, better employee experience and optimised costs of running your business.

But how do you know that your automated processes are working efficiently and effectively?

Pointee is a software that allows analysis of your robotic processes to ensure they are running efficiently.

Pointee can see exactly what your robots are doing and where your processes can be improved.

You are able to get simple graphs and clear actionable insights from the complex data.

This analysis detects inefficiencies that can be improved and save your business time and money.

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    What is Pointee and How does it work?

    Pointee automatically analyses business robotic processes and can detect inefficiencies.  These can be long standing processes or newly deployed.

    This complex data science is then translated into clear, actionable information that you can understand.

    The report gives architects and developers insight into where the greatest potential for improvement is. 

    Pointee is able to show where modifying a small opportunity creates a more efficient process without any integrations or changes to your systems.

    It is a simple process of uploading your data from your RPA system and letting the application work for a few minutes.

    The end result is an overview of your processes and recommendations for potential savings to your business.

    Pointee is a simple way to optimize your RPA solutions, detect inefficiencies and provide you the biggest opportunity for improvement.

    Automatorr is proud to be partnering with Pointee to assist your business growth.

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