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Data Engineer who is also an Automation Junkie...Comfortable with TAGUI,Robocorp , Python RPA, UIPath etc.

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Temilola is a passionate and smart Individual. He is an experienced Data-Scientist/Engineer and a Certified Big Data Engineer by Data Science Council of America with a demonstrated history of working in the financial and information technology and services sector, an AI enthusiast, a machine learning geek, Data Engineer etc..

Highly Skilled in ETL, ELT, Delta Lake, LakeHouse Architecture, Data Warehouse implementation and architecture design with a vast experience in data governance, LakeHouse and Enterprise Data Warehouse setup. Enjoys doing all the nitty gritty of data ingestion and manipulation, structured streaming etc.

He is a Software Engineer who is comfortable writing codes in Python, Scala, R programming, C#, SQL and JAVA, skilled in managing different Database Technologies and the use of various Big Data tools like Hadoop, Spark, Databricks, Kafka etc.

He has exceptional Data Analytics skills with proven brilliance from winning two DATA HACKATHONS, a MICROSOFT Azure AI Hackathon, runner up in GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CHALLENGE 2019… Strong Engineering Professional with a Bsc focused in Systems Engineering.

Skillset: Python, SQL, Java, Scala, Apache Airflow, Spark, Databricks, Delta Lake, Docker, TagUI, C#, Kubernetes, SSIS, SQL, AWS, Azure, GCP, Hadoop, Delta, Machine Learning, Kafka, Structured Streaming, Knowledge Graphs, NLP, RPA, Neo4j, Cypher Query Language


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Data Engineer

  •  ParallelScore
  •  Aug 2021 - Present

• Maintained algorithms and build data pipelines including support for new instrument hardware andsoftware.
• Tested algorithms for ELT annotated and non-annotated reference data.
• Benchmarked algorithm performances and researches and implements new technologies and/orpractices to provide efficient process improvements.
• Designed data schema and operate an internal data warehouse.
• Worked directly with other engineers and data scientists to flow data from various source systemsinto the data warehouse.
• Monitored and troubleshoot operational or data issues in data pipelines and Ensure Touch Product lines.

Enterprise System Engineer (Data Science/AI)

  •  Babban Gona
  •  Feb 2021 - Aug 2021

• Responsible for maintaining data collection processes and image annotation operations for computervision projects.
• Trained and deployed computer vision models into mobile applications for use by Farmers within theagricultural industry Creation and development of Enterprise Data Warehouse that aggregates data fromdisparate sources within the organization.
• Managed and automated ETL operations within the organization.

Remote Data Engineering (Contract)

  •  Nova Home Loans - Texas
  •  Jan 2021 - Mar 2021

• Engaged in the creation of an enterprise data warehouse.
• Responsible for ETL operations that aggregates data from disparate sources.
• Automated data migration operations within the organization.
• Deployed packages and created procedures for data flow within the the organization

Data Scientist and Engineer

  •  Octave Analytics
  •  Jan 2020 - Feb 2021

I worked as a Data Scientist and Engineer For Octave on a Data Analytics Service Projectto Coronation Merchant Bank.
I am responsible for ETL, data aggregation and collation of data fromdisparate data sources which includes Oracle, MySQL and SQL-Server databases.
I worked on deriving insights from messy data using tools like SQL,Python, Excel and R for analysis andresources like Power-BI,Powerpoint, thinkcell and Tableau for Visualization and reporting in order to makedata driven decisions that drives Business growth.
I worked on a data science machine learning project where Octave Analytics and a team from UnitedStates to build a model that predicts Taxi-out time at least 4 hours before schedule departure of a flightin the United state.
I helped in Data Warehouse,Architecture & ETL and Data Governance implementation at Coronation andalso in setting up Cloud Data warehouse on AWS.
I optimised SQL query scripts and automated ETL operations across different analytics project.
I am a faculty trainer at Octave Analytics for Data Science Council of America Data EngineeringCertification where I teach the use of Big Data tools like Hadoop, MapReduce etc. for big data engineeringoperations.

Clients Worked With: eTranzact (Fintech), FCMB(Bank), Coronation Merchant Bank (Bank), FirstBank, EFina, Seqhub Analytics.