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Clients & Freelancers

How do I secure clients?

You’ll need to sign up as a freelancer. Registration for an account is free. To create your account, you’ll need to provide as much detail as possible about your work experience and level of skills. The more information you provide, the better your chances of being hired!

Once your profile is complete and your identity is verified, you can start applying for jobs or wait for a client to contact you.

How do I find freelancers?

You can find freelancers directly through our website. All you need to do is register, post a job, assess the proposals you receive from freelancers as you would for any other job, offer your chosen freelancer the work, then pay them in milestone payments or once the job is completed.

Alternatively, you can opt for a monthly subscription where you get access to exclusive top automation talent that’s ready to work for you within 48 hours. These freelancers are vetted and assessed by Automatorr, so you can rest assured that we’re offering the best automation experts for your job. Subscription fees and hourly rates apply.

Can I register as both a client and a freelancer?

If you have a skill in one area of automation and need someone to provide a service in another, you might want to be a client and a freelancer. It is possible to sign up as both – you will simply need to complete two separate profiles using two different email addresses.

Do I need to complete any tests as a freelancer?

We are planning to introduce tests that we’ll encourage our freelancers to complete, so keep checking back! The tests are being designed to confirm that you are competent in the skills you list on your profile. This helps reassure clients that you’re able to do the project you have applied for, and demonstrates that you are committed to the task at hand.

Purchasing & Payment

Can I purchase automation software through the Automatorr website?

We have a list of automation software providers we work with, and we’d be glad to assist you with an assessment and partner with you to choose the right products and services for your business. Please reach out via the contact us page.

How do I get paid?

Getting paid is easy. There are two steps:

1. Connect your Automatorr account to Escrow.com. From there, follow Escrow.com’s sign-up instructions in your payment settings page and connect your bank account or Paypal to Escrow.com.

2. Once your Automatorr account is set up and you’ve agreed on a fee for the job, the client will deposit the payment into the Escrow.com account. Upon satisfactory completion of the job, the client will release the funds from Escrow. For more details on how Escrow.com works, visit https://www.escrow.com/helpdesk.

Why do I have to use Escrow.com?

Escrow.com offers peace of mind for both parties and can manage the challenge that a global business network presents. Using the platform helps ensure freelancers will be paid for their services, and the client will receive the completed job. Funds aren’t released until the job is successfully completed.

When do I get paid?

This will depend on what you and your client agree on. Depending on the length or type of job, some clients may choose to do milestone-based payments, or full payment for the job upon successful completion. Either way, clients will always deposit funds in Escrow.

What happens if I don’t get paid?

If you provide the work as requested by your client, then you should be paid. If this doesn’t happen, please use the dispute form in your dashboard to contact our support team. Automatorr will review the case with you and the client to facilitate a resolution.

Account & Security

Why does my identity need to be verified?

Trust is important, particularly in online business. When we verify your identity, we know you are a real person. This reassures our clients and makes hiring you easier. You’ll need to verify your email and provide a government-issued ID to get verification badges on your profile. Examples of government-issued ID include your passport, driver’s license or national ID card valid in your country of citizenship.

What if I lie on my profile?

Please maintain your integrity and only post true information about yourself. Our team monitors all profiles to verify their validity. If you are caught lying on your profile, you risk being permanently banned from using our platform.

Why was I warned?

Our highest priority is keeping the Automatorr community as safe as possible. Part of this responsibility involves holding our clients and freelancers to the highest standards. Honesty, respect and professionalism are the pillars of a trustworthy marketplace and are foundational to Automatorr’s success. You will receive a warning if you breach any of our Terms and Conditions or are reported for misconduct.

We will not tolerate rude, threatening, abusive, harassing or defamatory language or behavior, misleading, misrepresenting or dishonest profile information, or spamming. All job communications and transactions must be carried out through the Automatorr.com website.

A warning email will be sent, and a notification added to your account for any and all breaches. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Does Automatorr protect privacy?

As an IT service provider, Automatorr is serious about protecting your online privacy. Automatorr complies with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means you have control over managing your personal information. If you wish to access your personal data, you can submit a request by contacting us. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

What happens if I close my account?

Before you close your account, please withdraw all your funds. Closing or deleting your account will remove all information regarding your activity on Automatorr.com and can make retrieving funds and information challenging. If you wish to rejoin Automatorr after closing your account, you will be required to open a new account and verify your identity.