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Disco by Fluxicon is a process mining software that helps you to control and continuously improve your business processes.

Many businesses have complex processes that can be difficult to manage.

Most collect data through their IT systems such as CRM or even Excel spreadsheets.  This data usually shows information about what activity was performed by who and when.

Having a clear understanding of these processes and mapping them out manually generally leads to objective assessments and problem areas.

Process mining visualizes data and correlates it to form an in depth process analysis giving an accurate picture of what is actually taking place.

It allows data to be interpreted in a factual manner without assumptions.

How Does Process Mining Help Your Business?

Process mining gives your business a complete overview of how your processes are being performed and allows you to improve the process flow.

It can pinpoint where frequencies and delays are occurring and improve on these pinch points.

You will save on time and money by improving employee productivity and reducing errors caused by tedium.

Process mining allows your business to align activities in a harmonized way between different people, different practices and different regions.

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    What is Disco and How does it work?

    Disco by Fluxicon is a complete process mining software toolkit that makes process mining fast and easy.

    This popular software focuses solely on process mining.

    For over 10 years, the experts at Disco has been developing this toolkit by researching more than 100 process mining applications in a wide variety of industries.

    That is why Disco by Fluxicon is the leading provider of state of the art process mining technology.

    Disco offers simple desktop software that can be run locally or virtually.

    It allows high speed interaction and efficiency with log management, filtered frameworks and process mining algorithms. 

    Your business privacy is guaranteed due to local analysis of IT log data.

    You get full support of event log standards IEEE XES, MXML and interface to ProM for development of custom extensions.

    Automatorr is proud to partner with Disco by Fluxicon.

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