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Setting you up for success

Are you looking to automate processes within SAP, but find the software's richness and complexity challenging?

That’s where CloudShore comes in – a tool specifically designed to automate processes within SAP using by your existing Robotic Process Automation Software.

Our pre-configured automations and AI components are tailor-made for SAP, ensuring faster adoption of automation while complying with SAP guidelines. With CloudShore, you can identify automation opportunities, customize bots to meet your requirements, and seamlessly deploy them into the RPA orchestrator of your choice.

It’s simple: select the right bots, train them, and run them. Let CloudShore handle the complexity, so you can focus on what really matters – optimizing your SAP processes.

Cloudshore comes with two main features – AI Center and SAP Actions

CloudShore for your SAP automation

For organizations aiming to enhance their Automation and AI capabilities, CloudShore offers a seamless solution. With CloudShore’s standardized actions, scaling RPA is quick and efficient.

If pinpointing the ideal automation opportunities seems daunting, or assembling the right team for extensive automation is a challenge, CloudShore is your answer.

CloudShore ensures adherence to automation portability and SAP licensing policies, allowing for compliant and smooth integration. CloudShore has addressed these common hurdles, simplifying the process for you.

CloudShore’s SAP Actions are designed to deliver superior performance, compliance, scalability, and rapid deployment.

CloudShore’s actions interact with SAP through BAPIs, offering a speed that is tenfold faster than traditional automation techniques. Using SAP’s native BAPIs, CloudShore guarantees full portability during SAP upgrades and compliance with SAP licensing policies.

CloudShore also integrates with prevalent technologies associated with SAP, offering scalability and versatility.

Regarding deployment, CloudShore impresses with over 160 actions, encompassing the 80% most commonly used in RPA deployments over SAP ECC/S4HANA. CloudShore makes it possible to start automating immediately with these ready-to-use actions.

CloudShore's AI Center

Harness the power of AI in your operations with CloudShore’s pre-configured Machine Learning algorithms.

CloudShore simplifies the process, enabling you to teach your AI components to discern between normal and abnormal transactions in just a few steps:

1. Select the CloudShore algorithm that aligns with your requirements.
2. Download and fill out CloudShore’s training file templates.
3. Upload your completed CloudShore training file.
4. Initiate the training of your CloudShore AI model and access the outcomes.

With CloudShore, it’s that straightforward! Utilize CloudShore’s Machine Learning algorithms and our user-friendly training approach to integrate AI into your business swiftly and start reaping the advantages promptly.

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